Indian Online Betting

Indian Online Betting


The pandemic has clearly hit all the betting enthusiasts in India and abroad fairly hard with the restrictions being placed on land-based casinos and sportsbooks. But, all that does not stop bettors from wanting to bet and win and also simultaneously support their home team or favorite sports person, does it? Moreover, the pandemic has not really stopped the sports events or matches from being played out, right? Therefore, all you sports betting lovers do need some place to go and bet and win some real money right? There's always the availability of such a space. This time that place would be right on your desktops or mobile phones, in both the Android and iOS versions. But, with online sports betting practices being introduced in full swing, there is also the problem of trying to select the best out of them. For lists of betting sites, check out

The following are pointers that will help you select the best Indian Betting Sites of all time:

  • Betting Features: Sports betting sites should have a host of the best betting details so that all you sports betting enthusiasts can go ahead and win some real money at betting for your home teams or favorite star players. Keep on the lookout for the absolute best betting features that will help to make the sports betting extravaganza a lot more enjoyable for you;
  • Betting Markets: There are a host of different betting markets available in Indian betting sites in today's sports world. Apart from the normally well-known sports betting markets like the Point Spread, Totals, the Moneyline, and so on, there are in the present day a lot more markets to place your bets on. In cricket betting itself, there are more than 12 betting markets for you to decide amongst. Thus, make sure you select the sportsbook that offers you the very best;
  • Customer Support: Customer Service is the first place where you should look while selecting a sportsbook to bet at. Make sure that there are email addresses, phone numbers, chat options, and other ways of reaching out to the customer service 24×7;
  • Sports Options: The more the number of sports options, the better is a sportsbook. Check if there are the usual sports like cricket, football, tennis and so on as well as rare sports like polo, greyhound racing and so on. Also check the esports function;
  • Live Betting: One of the most well-loved sports betting features of the present day, live betting or in play betting gives you the option of watching a sporting event live for free while also betting on the favorable team;
  • Promotional Offers: Make sure that you select the sports betting sites or sportsbooks after you look at the promotions or the bonuses they offer. The Welcome Bonus is significant for new customers and provides you with the boost you require to begin on your sports betting extravaganza. Loyalty Programmes are also to be checked out by the customers who want to come back time and time again;
  • Security: This is significant for you to check out. SSL encrypted security systems are a must in today's sports betting sites. Be sure that the one you select has it too;
  • Payment Gateways: Look at all the payment options that a sportsbook provides. The greater the number of payment gateways, the better the betting experience. Now, almost all sportsbooks have cryptocurrency, e-wallets like Skrill, Sofort, PayPal, Neteller, and so on, debit or credit cards and wire transfers as payment options to name a few. Also, ensure that you check the processing fees before betting.


Place a tick when a sportsbook has all the features mentioned above and go right ahead to place your bets and win some real money, all the while having fun and supporting your home team along the way.

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