Online Blackjack – The Best Casino Game You Can Play

This article is written especially to help you decide which is the best game to play in an online casino.

If you’re thinking about playing at an online casino, I highly recommend South Africa’s leading online casino – Silver Sands. They offer fantastic games, playing conditions, excellent customer support, fast withdrawals and best of all – a R8,888 welcome bonus to real money players.

I’ve played at a lot of casinos and have lost and won a ton of money. Initially I tried out many of the classical casino games, and while many of them were fun, many of them were also impossible to win at.

I tend to favor jackpot games, simply because I believe I’m a lucky person and sooner or later I’ll win one of those R200,000 jackpots and be set.

In the meantime however, you should concentrate on the few casino games that have the highest chance of making you money, which are Blackjack and Video Poker. This article focuses on the game of Blackjack.

Why You Should Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the best casino game you can play simply because the casino has the smallest advantage when you play according to a strategy called basic strategy. It’s even more profitable to play Blackjack online rather than in a real casino because of the fact that online casino’s offer fantastic welcome bonuses to new players, and often reload bonuses to existing players.

Thus, when you play within your bankroll (I recommend being able to lose at least 20 bets in a row), you can continue to play and you should eventually come out ahead. You can start with a small deposit if you wish, but this way you never really make a lot of money and you will not be able to claim or clear the R8,888 bonus!

This is why I suggest depositing a minimum of R10,000 (consider it an investment) and playing Blackjack with R500 per hand, following basic strategy. This should give you enough of a bankroll to ride out the usual fluctuations that you get while playing casino games.

Here’s a video I made of how well you can do playing online Blackjack at Silver Sands Casino with R10,000:
(I ran R10,000 up to R17,000 in a matter of minutes!!)


Learn more about Blackjack on Wikipedia.
**Note: Gambling is inherently risky and the chance of losing your money is very high. Play only with money you can afford to lose. Read our disclaimer for more**

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