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Online Gambling South Africa 2012

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This page is here to inform you more about the online gambling laws in South Africa for 2012.

Since the ban on online gambling was passed by the high court in Gauteng, there has been much confusion about what is actually legal and what is not.

Piggs Peak poker disappeared and closed their doors. Various other casinos are still around – like Silver Sands Casino – but the question remains, is it legal to gamble in South Africa?

“It’s illegal to facilitate online gambling, yet online gambling itself is not illegal…”

Now, I am no lawyer and I haven’t actually been able to read the bill that was passed in respect to online gambling in South Africa. However, from my research it has become clear to me that the penalties the government will enforce are against people who facilitate online gambling in South Africa rather than against individuals in South Africa who gamble online.

In other words, I understand that if you make a deposit from within South Africa to an online casino, it’s not you who will be prosecuted but rather the online casino and the processors of your deposit method (i.e. the banks).

While this is pure speculation, in my opinion online gambling has only been made illegal not to protect citizens from the potential destruction of gambling addiction, but rather from losing out on being able to tax the hundreds of millions of rands that get pumped into the online gambling world every year.

My opinion is that if you want to gamble from within the borders of South Africa, it’s totally up to you to be able to do so. The people who are at risk are online casinos, internet service providers and banks and card processors. (But if you want to be really certain about this, better consult a lawyer).

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