Perfect Pairs Blackjack At Silver Sands Casino – R18,000 In 20 Minutes

Silver Sands casino has an awesome variation of Blackjack called perfect pairs. This is a highly profitable casino game that I really enjoy playing, and I haven’t come across anywhere other than at Silver Sands.

What Is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

It’s a variation of blackjack that allows you to take advantage from getting dealt pairs.

Basically you bet an amount for the perfect pair bonus and if you don’t get a pair, you lose the bet. If you get a mixed color pair you get paid out 6 times your bet amount. If you get a same color pair but mixed suits, you get paid 12 times. If you get a perfect pair of two exactly the same cards, you get paid out 24 times.

I recommend that when you play that your bet amount for perfect pairs equals your bet amount for Blackjack. This way your Blackjack winnings can compensate for losses on perfect pair bets.

Here’s a video I shot playing perfect pair blackjack at Silver Sands online casino. Watch how I make R18,000 in a matter of minutes:

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