Silversands Casino Krugersdorp

If you’re looking for Silversands Casino Krugersdorp then you are in the right place.

Silver Sands Casino is in fact an online casino that can be accessed from anywhere within South Africa with an internet connection (be it Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Londen etc). Actually the Silver Sands casino can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

Silversands casino is in my opinion the leading online casino in South Africa and I far prefer it over live casinos.

I find it much more relaxing to gamble from the comfort of my own home, with no disturbances or distractions. I can crack open a beer, have my favorite snacks next to my pc and at the same time play all my favorite casino games like blackjack, video poker,slot machines and more.

If you’ve never played on Silver Sands casino before, you’re in for a big treat…
As a first time user you can claim your R8888 bonus!

This means you can get up to 8888 ZAR totally free added to you account. All you have to do is play enough to unlock the bonus, but don’t worry. The smartest way to do this is with blackjack, playing small bets per hand of R10 or R20.

Are you ready to gamble on Silversands casino Krugersdorp? Go ahead and download the free software right now by clicking on the graphic below and claim your free R888 bonus immediately!

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