Win R25000 With Blackjack In 30 Minutes At Silver Sands Casino South Africa

Without any pitches or nonsense,I wan tot show you how it’s possible to make R25,000 playing Blackjack at Silver Sands Casino in less than 30 minutes.

That’s very probably more money than you make in an entire month at your day job. If you do that once a week and you’re banking R100k a month, then you can live a very sweet lifestyle with no worries and no stress.

Just watch this video first and then continue reading how you can go about making this kind of money:

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How To Make R25,000 In 30 Minutes, Over And Over Again

The method is based on playing online Blackjack. I assume that you are not new to gambling, but even if you are, it’s a really easy concept to grasp.

Blackjack is my favorite casino game and it has a pretty high win rate. There is also a system to follow when betting, and this is a system called basic strategy which you need to stick to at all times.

An important thing that you need to know and understand is that like all casino games, Blackjack is also subject to heavy variance. This means that you should expect large swings, and large streaks of either good cards or bad cards. In other words, you can expect to have streaks where you lose 10 or more hands in a row, and then also have streaks of winning 10 hands in a row or more.

Thinking ahead, this means that your bankroll should be sufficiently sized that you can withstand these kind of fluctuations, otherwise you’re just going to end up losing before you get a chance to run into the hot streaks.

Personally I like playing with R500 a hand or more when I play Blackjack, simply because it allows for much bigger returns in less time. I don’t like to play too much, 1-2 times per week. Playing with big amounts make this worth it and prevents me from overplaying.

For bet sizes of R500 a hand, I recommend at least R10,000 in your account to be able to withstand fluctuations as much as possible. This greatly increases your chances of being able to play through the negative streaks until the cards turn positive and then ride it up into big profits like in the video.

Also, if you haven’t played at Silver Sands Casino before, then making a deposit of R10,000 makes you eligible for the R8,888 welcome bonus. (So this means you’re able to have a balance of close to R20,000 to be able to play with and this should be more than enough to withstand negative variance).

To Sum Up

1- Download Silver Sands Casino software

2- Create a free account

3- Make a deposit (R10,000 recommended)

4- Claim your R8,888 welcome bonus

5- Play Blackjack

Good Luck!

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